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Like most personal homepages on the internet, this page probably needs updating. That being said: in spring of 1999, I graduated from the University of Illinois, ending at last countless years of schooling. After a stint at Taos, the Sys Admin Company, a Silicon Valley consulting firm (working at Talarian, providers of real-time publish-subscribe middleware), I'm now working for Tellme Networks, Inc. Microsoft, which automates telephone calls using Internet technology. There's more about all of that on my work page. This page is about my personal life—I'm an early self-discloser. Jump to my photos page or my page on balloon aerial photography if you just want pretty pictures.

First Things First...

The most important thing in my entire life to me is my beautiful, lovable, and absolutely wonderful love, Holly. We really first met at Glenbrook South High School, where we met, became friends, and dated. Then we went our separate ways into college. Our sophomore year, we met again, became friends again, and—beginning that summer—began dating again. I love her more than anything else I know, and I am ecstatic that we are living in California together, realizing our dreams.

The Menagerie

We also live with many animals: two cats, Zeus and Moy-chan; a grumpy parakeet, Totoro; Neko, a cuddly rabbit; and two as yet nameless baby geckos. We adopted Zeus from the Champaign County Humane Society, and Moy-chan from Treehouse Animal Foundation, a wonderful no-kill free-range shelter in Chicago. Totoro was store-bought. Our first bird, a wonderful, friendly English Budgerigar named Budgie, passed away early in 2000; we miss him and his tweeting. We've had two other budgies, Puck and Lola, that passed away recently as well. The baby geckos were unplanned, both Holly and I have adult geckos at our offices (you can visit mine at the OscarCam).

More About Me

It's pretty hard to sum up a person in a paragraph, isn't it? I can try some standard heuristics; I'm an INTJ, if you ask the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, and a 4/5 via the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator. I'm a Leo and a Snake, if you care about those things. I usually score in the mid-thirties on purity tests. I'm unmarried, agnostic, and I have a geek code. I've written a number of reviews on Yelp. If you are a social networker, you can also view my Friendster, Orkut,, LinkedIn, MySpace, or Facebook profiles.

I grew up in Glenview, Illinois, and went to fine District 34 (every child a winner) schools: Westbrook, Glen Grove, Springman, and finally GBS, where I was part of the Glenbrook Academy of International Studies. I speak poor Cantonese and Spanish. I read a lot of books. I have OCD about bundling loose wires and taking stickers off things. I like to draw pictures of sea creatures.

That doesn't really tell you much, though, does it? You can try if you're unbearably curious. I also occasionally put some random information on the net for others to read. I like to eat and I have a couple recipes. In the past I've had periods of tracking my weight and body fat for the whole world to see; I plan to do this again sometime soon.

I have a growing collection of photographs for your viewing enjoyment. I've also recently started taking aerial photography from balloons.

...and About Others

And of course, there are always my friends. Well, the web-saavy ones, anyway, since it's harder to point at the ones without webpages. I've also included links to notable projects that friends have done, if applicable. All of these people have touched my life in some way or other, and in every case I'm the better for it. Where would we be, without relationships?

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Want to find out more about me? Or just want to say hello? E-mail me at I've been pretty busy these past months, but I'm always glad to hear from people. If you're a spam robot instead of a person, go suck a rock. I hate you.

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