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Zeus in a basket

This is one of our cats, Zeus. He is orange and furry and has the best whiskers ever. He likes to sleep on us under the covers at night, and sit in our laps on our damp towels when we get out of the shower. Zeus will only drink water from your water glass. No other water is acceptable.

We got Zeus in September of 1998 from the Champaign County Humane Society. Live in the Urbana-Champaign area and looking for a dog, cat, or rabbit? Give their website a visit! Support them by adopting, volunteering, or visiting their gift shop in Lincoln Square mall.

Holly took these photographs on high-speed Kodak film and scanned the negatives into the 3000 DPI Umax scanner at the Visualization Lab at the Beckman Institute. The original scanned negatives are much cooler looking (and much higher resolution), but we haven't had a chance to really edit them yet, so I did some quick manipulations. I think our kitty is cute anyway.

There is now a more complete Zeus photo gallery with more recent pohtographs.

Andrew Ho (andrew@zeuscat.com)