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Here is my geek code.

Version: 3.1
GCS/S/O d@ s a- C++$ U++$ P++++$ L++ E---->++ W++$ N+ o? K w+ O M+ V?
PS++ PE Y++ PGP>+ t+@ 5?>+ X+ R tv-(+) b+++ DI++ D++ G++
e++ h--- r++ y+*

Really, the most damning geeky thing of all is that I had a geek code back in 1995, when the geek code was pretty new. We were all still using Mosaic back then!

While we're on the subject of geekiness, Paul Graham has a great article about why nerds are unpopular that you should read. Another interesting geeky saga is Scott McCloud's excellent My Obsession with Chess.

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