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I had a rash on my leg a while back, and I went to a dermatologist. She diagnosed me with nummular eczema, which is basically a fancy name for dry skin. It doesn't seem to be a very well understood condition, so here are some links I came up with while researching it.

The treatment I was recommended was to use an ointment with clobetasol on it to make the rash go away, and then to take regular precautionary measures—using a good moisturizer on my legs, and avoiding long, hot showers—to prevent reoccurrence. So far, it's worked and I haven't had any other problems.

Other useful links:

  • My dermatologist, Dr. Karen Han, seems pretty decent.
  • Cetaphil is the lotion that was recommended to me.

Update: after a while the problem went away, and hasn't come back since. Perhaps I just had regular old dry skin. :)

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