Pick the Right Fondue Pot

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If you're considering making cheese fondue, or any other kind of fondue that you start on a stovetop, or that requires a decent amount of heat, you'll want to make sure you get a good, sturdy, stovetop safe fondue pot.

On Christmas of 2003 we were having fondue and champagne, using an expensive, fancy looking fondue pot from Williams-Sonoma. Near the end of our meal there was a spectacular "pop" as our pot cracked, neatly cloven down the middle.

Cloven fondue pot

We now use a very solid cast-iron fondue pot that we found at Sur La Table. It is both stovetop safe and very well-designed. Note that for a dessert fondue, like chocolate over a tealight, you can safely use a smaller ceramic pot.

The other thing to look out for when operating a fondue pot is the burner. If you're using liquid fuel, make sure the burner top is fastened securely on to the bottom, and that you haven't spilled any fuel. Make sure your tamper and a wet towel are nearby at all times in case you do have a spill while the burner is on.

Andrew Ho (andrew@zeuscat.com)