Atmel NGW100

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The Atmel NGW100 is a tiny single-board computer which runs an AVR32 microprocessor, and ships with an embedded Linux that you can immediately SSH to. The NGW100 includes two ethernet jacks, an SD card slot, general purpose I/O pins, and a USB type B plug. It is intended for use as a router, but it makes a fantastic general-purpose tiny computer. It costs about $90 from distributors such as Digi-Key or Mouser.

The best source of existing documentation on the NGW100 is at the AVRFreaks NGW100 Wiki. This set of pages collects some information on my own experiences playing with the NGW100.

If you just want to download compiled NGW100 software, you can browse the parts of my NGW100 /usr hierarchy that contain software I built for the NGW100 (whether directly via buildroot, or via manual cross-compilation), or you can simply download all the NGW100 software as a tarball (the tarball is about 2MB; unpacks to about 7MB, so it should fit on pretty much any SD card).

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